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Qingdao Port Fully Automated Container Terminal (Phase II) put into operation

On November 28 2019, Qingdao Port Fully Automated Container Terminal (Phase II) was put into operation. The project integrates six global first scientific and technological achievements independently researched and developed by Qingdao port, such as integrated and innovative hydrogen powered automatic rail crane, 5G + automation technology. It leads the world's most advanced technology level of fully automated terminals. Once again, we have contributed "China plan" to the global port and shipping industry with Chinese smart and Chinese create.

It is understood that the coastline of phase II project is 660m long, including 2 berths, with a designed throughput capacity of 1.7 million TEUs / year, equipped with 9 double trolley quayside bridges, 38 high-speed rail cranes and 45 automatic guided vehicles. Since the commencement of construction on June 8 2018, the construction team has realized the operation of the terminal in only one and a half years, which is only one fifth of the construction cycle of similar terminals in the world. In the process of construction, the research and development team insists on leading the future with innovation, with six world's first frontier technology applying in the project, and continues to contribute more intelligent and advanced "Qingdao Mode" and "China Plan" to the world's ports.



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