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First voyage of international crude oil transshipment launched at Qingdao Port

On March 4th, 79,000 tons of Cold Lake Blend carried by BP's vessel SAN RAMON VOYAGER was transshipped to the vessel SCF SURGUT at Qingdao Port, which signified that the first voyage of Qingdao Port's foreign trade crude oil international transshipment route was successfully launched. It marked the successful operation of Qingdao Port and its partners in initiating the international transshipment business of foreign trade crude oil in the domestic coastal port.

It is reported that BP p.l.c. is one of the world's largest oil and petrochemicals companies. In February this year, Qingdao Port launched the bonded crude oil blending business, which initiated the nation's first new model of bonded crude oil blending business in a free trade zone. This time, Qingdao Port cooperates with BP p.l.c. once again, relying on the hinterland of Shandong, to radiate their business to East Asia and South Asia. They enter the new area of crude oil international transshipment to seize the opportunity to further enlarge and strengthen the international transshipment business of foreign trade crude oil.

At present, Qingdao Port has achieved strategic cooperation with many international crude oil traders and producers such as Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. and BP p.l.c., and has made every effort to build the international crude oil trading and distribution center and the bonded spot trading center.



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