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One heart and one mind, loyalty and dedication, innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence.


(1) Development mission

Serve the national development strategy, serve the high-quality development of Shandong, and serve customers and employees.

(2) Development orientation

Build a Northeast Asia international shipping hub center with the world's leading smart green port, logistics hub port, industry-city integration port, financial trade port, cruise and cultural tourism port as the carrier.

(3) Development goals

By 2025: A new breakthrough has been achieved in the construction of an international shipping hub in Northeast Asia. Transformation and development to achieve a new leap forward. The scale and strength achieved a new improvement. The economic benefits achieved new growth. The investment ratio is newly optimized.

By 2035: The status of Northeast Asia as an international shipping hub will be more stable, and the construction of smart green ports, logistics hub ports, industry-city integration ports, financial and trade ports, cruise and cultural tourism ports will fully achieve international leadership, and the group company will become a world-renowned supply chain integrated port. service provider.

(4) Development concept

Innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared.

(5) Development strategy

Closely follow the efficient development of the main business of the port, rely on the advantages of the port to enlarge the development, and jump out of the port rut to innovate and develop.

(6) Development principles

Focus on the main business, performance is king, efficiency first, safety first.

(7) Development ideas

Internal: overall development, coordinated development, characteristic development. That is, to coordinate traditional business and emerging business to form a good development situation with coordinated development, each with its own advantages and distinctive characteristics.

External: "Three More". That is to say, the relationship with local party committees and governments is closer, the degree of integration into local economic and social development is deeper, and the contribution to local economic growth is more prominent.

(8) Development path

Two-way mutual aid between east and west, and linkage between land and sea.

"Five Transformations" Development.

(9) Development pattern

With Qingdao Port as the leader, Rizhao Port and Yantai Port as the two wings, Bohai Bay Port as the extension, various sector groups as the support, and many inland ports as the support, the integrated and coordinated development pattern.

(10) Development Vision

A world-class marine port with port access to the four seas, land connections to all directions, world-renowned reputation, and global reflection.


Have the courage to stand in a lofty position and strengthen political awareness; have the courage to take responsibility and strengthen mission awareness;

Have the courage to be broad-minded, strengthen unity and consciousness; have the courage to coordinate and cooperate, strengthen overall consciousness;

The courage to innovate and develop, and strengthen the consciousness of development; the courage to sublate oneself, and strengthen the consciousness of learning;

The courage to strive for first-class, strengthen the consciousness of excellence; the courage to strict requirements, strengthen the self-consciousness of rules;


Full of passion and a fighting spirit that lives up to the youth;

The pioneering spirit that is not afraid of hardships and perseverance;

The innovative spirit of emancipating the mind and daring to try;

The spirit of nails that never fails to achieve its purpose;

The spirit of excellence that is never satisfied and strives to be first-class.


The spirit of ownership with dedication and dedication to the country;

The spirit of hard work and pioneering spirit;

Keep pace with the times and strive for a first-class innovative spirit;

Team spirit of unity, cooperation and mutual care;

The craftsman spirit of excellence and self-transcendence.

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