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Business Overview

The company is the main operator of Qingdao port, operating and managing four major port areas, Namely Qingdao Qianwan Port Area, Huangdao Oil Port Area, Dongjiakou Port Area and Dagang Port Area.At present, the company mainly operates 86 berths, including 25 special berths for containers, 14 special berths for metal ores and coal, 17 special berths for oil and liquid chemicals and 30 general berths.

The company mainly operates six business plates, including container plate, dry bulk plate, liquid bulk plate, logistics plate, supporting plate and financial plate.

In 2019, the pre-tax profit and share of each sector are as follows:

Container segment realized pre-tax profit of 975 million yuan, accounting for 18.8%;

The dry bulk plate realized pre-tax profit of 439 million yuan, accounting for 8.4%;

Liquid bulk plate realized pre-tax profit of 1.259 billion yuan, accounting for 24.2%;

Logistics sector realized pre-tax profit of 1.423 billion yuan, accounting for 27.4%;

The supporting plate realized pre-tax profit of 548 million yuan, accounting for 10.5%;

The financial sector realized a pre-tax profit of 554 million yuan, accounting for 10.7%.

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