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QQCT ranked first in Maersk’s monthly ports comprehensive performance ranking list

Maersk, the world's largest shipping company, released the monthly ports comprehensive performance ranking list for January 2020. QQCT ranks first in this list. After winning the Maersk’s Far East Container Terminal Berth Efficiency Championship for 2019, QQCT once again ranks at the top of Maersk’s monthly ports comprehensive performance ranking list.

Maersk’s ports comprehensive performance ranking is composed of six indicators: berth productivity, berth direct ratio, ship operation standardization, ship operation flexibility, ship transshipped punctuality, and the bill accuracy. It is Maersk's comprehensive assessment standard of the port's comprehensive operating capacity, berthing capacity and special situation handling capacity, and it is also an important measurement indicator for Maersk's service lines optimization and ports selection.

As the terminal with the largest number of foreign trade vessels in North China, QQCT has always been the most important partner of Maersk Line. QQCT gives full play to its advantages, and its service indicators are always in a leading position in the whole world. QQCT has won the trust and support of shipping companies, and has helped Qingdao Port to speed up the construction of the international transshipped hub port.



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