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Our liquid bulk processing service chain includes port services, warehousing services and pipeline services.Port services are mainly operated through Joint venture Qingdao Shihua located in the Huangdao Oil Port area, as well as through its branch in the Dagang Port area, its subsidiary in the Dongjiakou Port area and the joint venture.The warehousing service is operated primarily through a subsidiary located in the Dongjiakou port area.The oil pipeline service mainly operates the Dongjiakou port - Weifang - Luzhong and Lubei oil pipelines through subsidiaries.The company's liquid bulk berths can accommodate tankers of up to 450, 000 tons deadweight worldwide.

Our main cargo of liquid bulk processing service is crude oil, other cargo mainly includes refined oil, fuel oil, liquid chemicals and so on.Our liquid bulk processing service customers include oil refining enterprises, chemical enterprises, traders, etc., the main source of supply hinterland is Shandong Province.

Our liquid bulk port services are mainly for terminal handling.Liquid bulk storage services are mainly for the leasing of storage tanks to customers, and rental is charged according to the leasing time.The main service of liquid bulk oil pipeline is to transport crude oil to refineries, and the pipeline transportation fee is charged to customers according to the pipeline transportation distance and transportation capacity.


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