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We mainly through the qianwan port area, Dongjiakou port and Dagang port area branch, subsidiary to provide metal ore, coal, food and other dry bulk groceries processing services.In addition, we also provide partial dry bulk cargo handling services through joint venture Western Union in the Qianwan Port area and joint venture QDOT in the Dongjiakou Port area.Among them, QDOT's berths can berth ore ships with the world's maximum deadweight capacity of 400,000 tonnes.

The main cargo of our dry bulk cargo handling service is iron ore, while the other cargo mainly includes coal, bauxite, grain, steel, fertilizer and so on.Our customers include steel, power, nonferrous metals, grain and oil processing enterprises and traders, etc. The main sources of supply are located in Shandong and Hebei provinces, and through the diversion network covering the Yangtze River basin, Japan and South Korea.

Our dry bulk cargo handling services are mainly for terminal loading and unloading. We also provide other port services, including cargo stockpiling, ore screening, mixing, etc.


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