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Our logistics services are mainly operated by branch companies and subsidiaries, and we have the service ability of the whole industrial chain of port logistics. We can provide customers with door-to-door, one-stop logistics services.

Our logistics services mainly include tugboat, tally, agent, warehouse, transportation and so on.Tugboat service provides auxiliary operations for large ships to pull in and out of the dock.Tally service is to provide third party authentication service for foreign trade containers and foreign trade sundry goods in accordance with national regulations.Agency services include shipping agency, cargo agency, etc.The warehousing service of the depot mainly provides the service of collecting port, unpacking, repairing and washing of containers, inspection and so on, as well as the warehousing, bonded, cold storage and other services for general goods.The transportation service mainly provides the goods short distance transportation management service to the customers in the port area, and provides the goods long distance transportation management service to the customers outside the port area.

Our logistics service customers are basically the same as wharf service customers, mainly including shipping enterprises, steel enterprises, traders, logistics enterprises and so on.


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